Who is Viridisfarm-AS? Our Mission and Vision

Viridisfarm-AS is the world’s only food supplement and foliar growth and immune system enhancer manufacturer applying minerals vibro activation technology.

Viridisfarm-AS products are primarily intended for pro-organic growth of plants and animals. Pro-organic growth is a step forward in organic growth, giving a conventional organic substances new properties. Uniqueness of these products contribute to the increased productivity, allowing our customers to create whole new brands! 

Viridisfarm-AS products are giving extraordinary results in both conventional and organic (Ecological, Bio-dinamical) production in all fields of the agriculture, however, bigger impact is happening to the latter produce, narrowing down harvest results between the two. Enabling organic producers to have neck and neck race in price and harvest with tradicional producers who are not using Viridisfarm-AS products.

Viridisfarm-AS products should be of the main interest to the farmers who are transitioning from conventional to ecological land cultivation. By using Viridisfarm product adjustment period could shortens up to 3 times!



Enable quality food production, even in the unfavourable conditions, thru usage of new technologies (VAM®) making enough quality produce - feed the world.


Contributing to food quality and yields increase, by providing solutions to reduce the cost of ecological farming and land cultivation, making the healthier food affordable to the end consumers, without jeopardising the farmers profit.

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