VibroCALCITE plus

VibroCALCITE is inovative, ecological, bio growth stimulator enhancing the plant yield, also contributing to protection and resiliance of plants in stresfull situations. VibroCALCITE improves both soil and plant health. It is made of natural minerals (calcite rocks) thru unique VAM technology. It is intended for all clorophylle plants - farm and garden plants, perennial plantations (fruit, vineyards, olive gardens) and all other i svim ostalim treelike plants. It can be used on medows and pastures, where it enhances dencity and quality of grass - clover plants.  


VIBROCALCITE® is a 100% natural mineral foliar growth enhancer intended for all chlorophyll plants (fields, farm cultures, gardens and tree cultures), produced with unique patented VAM technology (vibro activation of minerals) technology.


VibroLAND is 100% natural mineral supplement intended for soil improvement, moisture regulation and better nutrient utilization from the soil.

The application of VibroLAND achieves greater plant resistance, better vegetation of all vegetable and field crops, orchards, vineyards, and olive groves.

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