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VibroSORB® is an innovative 100% natural functional mineral supplement for cattle and fish food. VibroSORB is very potent antioxidant, immunostimulatory, ion exchange agent and absorber for mycotoxins. VibroSORB® is produced with unique patented VAM® (vibro activation of minerals) technology out of natural volcanic mineral rock Zeolite/Clinoptilolite.

Rather than staying within organysm it completely excretes naturaly. Due to it's specific crystal lattice it binds toxic matter to itself, leaving nutrients in the organizm. It is highly recomended for all kind of growing and fattening of chicken, turkeys, ducks, geese, piglets, pigs, sheep, goats, cows, horses, rabbits and fish as well as house pets food.

VibroSORB® in general lowers the production cost and adds new value to the products!

As previously mentioned, VibroSORB® is a product based on natural zeolite (Clinoptilolite), natural mineral of sedimentary origin. The key difference is not in composition, but in the way it was processed! By patented VAM technology particles have signifcantly improved bio-efficiency, better ion exchange and increased mesoporosity. Due to mentioned characteristics, the adsorption capacity and portion of reactive surface is increased four (4) times!


VibroSORB® has the following properties:

VibroSORB® boosts immunity, lowers the mortality, increases appetite and stimulates growth! All in 100% natural way!

It is important to mention – VibroSORB®, although zeolite based product but with completely different particles, does not block or adsorb any feed component!!!

Actually, what it does is activation of all other components and makes them more efficient!

The use of zeolite based products is regulated with EU directives ((67/548/EC, 1999/45/EC) and has FDA approval (CFR 582-2727).


Simply add VibroSORB® into feed! As independent component or in premix.


Modern food growth resulted with tremendous effect of pesticides and other chemicals on nutrient usability. It was necessary to bring nutrients through another source – premixes. VibroSORB® is next generation, or better to say a scientific step forward in food production process. VibroSORB® solves the residues and toxins from feed which enters human organism indirectly through meet.

When animals are concerned, VibroSORB® cleans their organism allowing them to have better utility of nutrients and boosts their immune system.

Overall result is better, more tasteful and safer product for end consumers!

The market potential for meat producers is enormous! New quality allows producers to develop new brands.

The most important is the fact that using VibroSORB® is economically justified and, at the same time, it has positive effect on human health giving the producers a tool to implement social responsibility in practice.


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